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Soumya is the second generation from a family of famous musicians. His father, Sudhin Das Gupta, is a legend in the Bengali music industry and is revered in the community. He was one of the first  musicians to have successfully fused western and Indian music in Bengali music and considered to be a trendsetter. The vast body of his works is difficult to be showcased here. His untimely demise at the age of 52 in 1982 left a huge void in the music industry.

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His younger brother, Parimal Das Gupta was one of the best arrangers Bengali music has ever seen. He was equally good in playing the piano, guitar and the mouthorgan and had composed a number of memorable songs.

The association between the two brothers has given birth to numerous classic evergreen Bengali songs which have stood the test of time.

Sudhin Das Gupta's three elder brothers and two elder sisters were all well trained musicians but did not pursue music as a career, excepting Souren Das Gupta, who was a music tutor.

Soumya is an Architect by profession and musician by passion.

Soumya's elder son, Aritra, is a guitar player, an Audio Engineering graduate from the SAE institute and is involved in producing music. He is presently a member of the band, Palayan, works at ShockME radio station in Dubai. His graduation project received the best project award at the SAE.

Soumya's younger son, Ahon, is pursuing piano studies. Some of the works of Aritra and Ahon are highlighted here.

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